Frequently Asked Questions

Can I subdivide?

This will depend upon the zoning and size of your property. We will research the relevant details and advise you of the possibilities and the subdivision process so you can decide whether to proceed further. This initial investigation and meeting is generally undertaken on a free, no obligation basis.

Where do I start?

The surveyor is your land professional and will play a leading role in your project from start to finish. You should therefore contact us at an early stage so we can assist by guiding you through the process.

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What does it involve?

There are a number of fundamental steps to all subdivisions:

  • submit resource consent application to Council
  • obtain resource consent (this may be subject to conditions)
  • Land Transfer Survey (boundary pegging and plan preparation)
  • comply with resource consent conditions
  • arrange issue of new titles

You should not be daunted by the process - your surveyor will coordinate all steps and work closely with you, and your other professional advisors as necessary (ie. solicitor, accountant, financial advisor etc).

What will it cost?

Subdivision costs can vary depending primarily on the size of the project. We will give you an initial estimate so you can satisfy yourself that your proposal is feasible.

This will be followed by a more detailed schedule of costs for your acceptance prior to any work commencing.

How long will it take?

Again this depends on the size of the project. However as a guide it can take between 4 and 9 months from initial feasibility to title issue.

How can I help?

There are some aspects of the work you may be able to undertake to assist us, and thus save both time and money.

We can discuss this with you at the time of initial investigation.

Useful Conversions

Links to Metresmultiply distance(in links) by 0.201168
Metres to Linksdivide distance(in metres) by 0.201168
Feet to Metresmultiply distance(in feet) by 0.3048
Metres to Feetdivide distance(in metres) by 0.3048
Acres to Hectaresmultiply area(in acres) by 0.40468564
Hectares to Acresdivide area(in hectares) by 0.40468564

1 Chain = 100 Links = 22 Yards = 66 Feet = 20.1168m
1 Hectare = 100m x 100m = 10000m2 = 2.471054 acres