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Waipori Hydro Electric Power Scheme

Location:Waipori Date:1983 - Ongoing
Type:Deformation Monitoring Services:Surveying

Our client TrustPower, owns and operates this scheme at Waipori, 30km west of Mosgiel.

Terramark staff established a series of monitoring schemes on the 4 dams, and repeat a network of precise measurements at each of these on an annual basis.

The results are analysed by the client to monitor local ground stability and the integrity of these structures.

Waipori Hillside

Location:Waipori Falls Date:1984 - Ongoing
Type:Deformation Monitoring Services:Surveying

Another TrustPower commissioned project, our Company established an extensive deformation monitoring scheme over the Waipori Falls Village hillside adjacent to the main power station.

The survey measurements are repeated on an annual basis and the results analysed by the client to monitor local ground stability.

Deep Stream Hydro

Location:Deep Stream Date:2007 - Ongoing
Type:Deformation Monitoring Services:Surveying

In 2007, TrustPower constructed two earthfill dams at Deep Stream to augment the Waipori Hydro Electric Power Scheme.

Our company was commissioned to establish a survey network to monitor these dams following filling of the reservoir.

The survey measurements and precise levelling are repeated on an annual basis.