Services Engineering

Our Staff are not only trained and skilled in land surveying, but also have inherent expertise in land development engineering.

In the role of project manager, our Surveyors provide the full package from planning and coordination, construction design and administration through to final commissioning.

Specific services available include:

Topographical data capture

The mass collection of site topographical data (usually by GPS) as an essential prerequisite to the design of most construction projects.

Design of subdivisional roading and services

Our surveyors are also trained as engineers, and routinely undertake the design of new roads and sewage, stormwater and water supply services within subdivisions (particularly "greenfields").

Preparation of construction plans and contract documentation

As part of the design process, our surveyors will also prepare the construction plans and specification for the building of the roading and services.

Liaison with Council to obtain construction consents

We work closely with the relevant departments of your Council to obtain all the necessary consents to allow construction to be undertaken.

Contract tendering and administration

Most larger construction proposals are circulated to a number of contractors for invitational pricing. Our surveyors, with their engineering experience and expertise, will manage this tender process and the administration of the contract on your behalf.

Construction set-out and as-built surveys

Many construction contracts require a Registered Professional Surveyor to accurately set-out (mark-out) new roading, services or buildings prior to any construction commencing. As-built surveys and plans are also required to verify and record completion of the works in accordance with Council requirements and the contract specification.