Resource Management

Services Resource Management

The Terramark Directors and staff are trained, skilled and experienced in the many aspects associated with resource management planning.

Providing sound factual advice based on a familiarity of relevant legislation is paramount in delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Specific services available include:

Land title searching

Our Company is a search agent authorised to obtain copies of your land title document and survey plan from the Land Information NZ national record database.

Project scoping and feasibility assessment

A report that researches your property information and determines how practical and viable your particular landuse or subdivisional proposal is under the Council's zoning rules.

Consultation with Council staff and other professionals

An essential part of determining project feasibility is undertaking consultation with Council planners, building consent staff, architects and engineers. Our staff are experienced and qualified to undertake this work on your behalf.

Affected party and community consultation

Some development proposals, by their very nature, may have an effect on neighbours and the wider community. Our staff are experienced and qualified to undertake the necessary consultation on your behalf.

Preparation of structure and concept plans

Some larger and more complex developments may require structure and concept planning prior to the resource application process, in order to formulate a conceptual layout, and as a means of guiding development towards specific objectives.

Assessment of effects on the environment

All applications for resource consent require an assessment of the effect (if any), that your proposal might have on neighbours, the public or the wider community. Our staff will undertake this assessment for you, to a scale that corresponds with the size of your project.

Preparation of land-use and subdivision resource consent applications

The preparation of the plans and supporting application documents required to be considered and approved before a specific landuse or subdivision can be undertaken within the rules of the District Plan. Any conditions imposed must be complied with by the consent holder, usually within a specified timeframe.

Presentation of evidence to Council hearings

Some resource applications may have aspects of non-compliance under Council's District Plan rules, and thus require presentations to be made to a Council Hearings Committee. Our staff are experienced and qualified to undertake this work on your behalf, and to represent you at that hearing.

Preparation of consent objections and variations

Circumstances may arise where it is necessary to object to an unreasonable or inappropriate resource consent condition, or to apply for a consent variation or extension. Routine procedures are available to apply for these, and our staff are experienced and qualified to undertake this work on your behalf.

Resource consent compliance

All conditions imposed on a landuse or subdivision consent issued by Council must be satisfied before the project can be signed off. We will work with you to ensure this occurs as efficiently as possible.