Terramark Surveying Intro

We have a close relationship with the Otago Polytechnic. Multiple services were utilised throught this project to help educate the next generation of trades people.

The Otago Polytechnic Trades Centre required various survey-related services throughout the construction process. Initially, we commenced our work with a large-scale topographic survey to establish a 3D model of the site to facilitate the design. Concurrently, with the topographic survey works, we undertook a redefinition survey to calculate and mark out where the legal boundaries were.

In preparation for the numerous construction setout surveys, we established a large control network encompassing the whole site which would provide multiple survey points. This ensures that once the build began, control was still intervisible and could be seen from the upper levels of the building. Once the build got underway, our skilled team visited the site when requested to set out key features for the contractor, Naylor Love, to ensure the various building elements are in the correct location.

Terramark Home Intro


Harbour Terrace, Dunedin


2020 - ongoing


New Commercial Building



  • Topographical Surveys
  • Boundary Redefinition Survey
  • Building Setout and Certification Surveys

Construction Set-out

  • Building Setout and Certification Surveys