Terramark Surveying Intro

A complex and compact residential subdivision consisting of multiple freehold titles.

This compact infill residential development on Playfair Street provides for ten new build townhouses, each with its own freehold title. Terramark provided a comprehensive service for the client from the outset to facilitate the design of the complex, working with architects on build footprints, managing engineering design for services, to completing the final land transfer subdivision survey.

Given the compact nature of this development, though a freehold title subdivision, there were numerous complex 3D stratum easements required to provide for stormwater and runoff from roofs. Terramark’s involvement from the outset enabled us to identify the potential issues, suggest solutions, inform the relevant professionals associated with the project and provide them with the required information, alongside completing the physical survey.

Terramark Home Intro


Playfair Street, Dunedin


2021 - 2022


Residential Infill Development



  • Consultation with Council Staff and other Professionals.
  • Preparation of Concept Plans


  • Topographical Surveys
  • Land Transfer Survey
  • Boundary Redefinition Survey
  • Building Setout and Certification Survey

Land Development Engineering

  • Topographical Data Capture
  • Design of Services
  • Preparation of Construction Plans and Specifications
  • Liaison with Council to obtain Construction Approvals
  • Construction Set-out and As-built Surveys